February 2022


After the winter and exam break, we are back to give you new updates! We hope that your exams went well, that you enjoyed the class-free week and that the start of the semester also went smoothly again. This update is a bit short, but have fun reading!

This update contains information about: 

  • Dean elections and OOV
  • Reform OPO Qualitative Research Methods

Dean elections and OOV

This year it’s dean elections again, where a new dean will be elected! As students, we also have a say in this. The voting happens in the Faculty Council, where we have 9 votes. At our OOV on Wednesday, March 22, you all get the chance to vote, and the majority that comes out of this is who our stureps in the Faculty Council will vote for. We will have a booth on the faculty, where you can also get a free drink and pastry in exchange for your opinion on various educational topics. Be sure to follow our social media to stay informed!

In the meantime, we are also engaging with the up-and-coming candidates, and for this we need your input. What would you like from the new dean? What do you think is our faculty’s greatest asset? What needs to change? Let us know here and we’ll discuss it!

Reform OPO Qualitative Research Methods

The various POCs have jointly decided to reform the course “Qualitative Research Methods” from the second bachelor. From now on, this course will consist of two OLAs, each of 3 credits. The first OLA, ‘Qualitative Research Methods: Theory’ (3 sp) will be overarching for the three fields and will explain the theory of the qualitative research cycle. The second OLA (3 sp) will be different for each field and will focus on exercises.