September 2022


The academic year has been going on for a full week now and that means it’s time for our first education update! We from FOSO hope that your academic year has had an exciting start! Every month you’ll be able to find an update on our website and socials about what has happened that month within the ecuational stream, faculty and university.

There is information about the following in this update:

  • General updates
  • Political Sciences
  • Communication Sciences
  • Anthropology

General updates

OOV 1: Welcome reception

Tonight, Tuesday 4 October at 19h is it our first OOV in Ruth Benedictzaal! All students of the faculty are welcome here, so hopefully we will see you there. We will be giving you an explanation about FOSO and what student representation is all about, and we will hold some roundtable discussions. You will, of course, get the space to ask questions or bring up problems. There will be delicious snacks and drinks available, so you have no excuse to miss it!

Lesson recordings

As you have all probably noticed by now, there is no certain schedule for the lesson recordings. A lot of professors still record their classes, but they are no longer obliged to do so. They are free to choose themselves if they would like to, for example, only record the class partially, to only give access to the recording to a small group of students or only for a certain amount of time. It is important that they share what and how they are going to do this through the Toledo-community. If you cannot find this information there, be sure to notify your student representatives!

Political Sciences

Master thesis system

There is a new master thesis system for Political Science masters since this year. As a result, there is a better distribution of number of theses per promotor and they can also guide you better. Important to remember, is that you are each entitled to 5 moments of guidance, which can be either collective or individual. If you are on a normal schedule, there are already recommended moments when it is best to schedule them. However, if you are already planning to deliver only in August or January, discuss this with your promotor beforehand.

Communication Sciences

New master thesis system

The POC is working on a new procedure for the master thesis system. There will be brainstorming sessions around this in the fall. If you have ideas, be sure to pass them on to your student representatives!


Master thesis and field research

For the MA thesis, phase 2 students can switch promotor but have to fill out a form, and their requests will be processed during the POC meetings. Phase 2 students were asked to record their fieldwork so the department can use this video as promotion for the department. The required format is a ‘tiktok’ with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. Please keep the GDPR rules in mind. Random people cannot be filmed without their permission.