October 2022


A new month has begun, which means it’s time for another education update! A lot has moved again at the university and faculty level. Read all about it here. If you have any more questions, want to become a stuver yourself or get involved in our operation, you can always contact us at info@foso.be!

In this update, you’ll find information about the following:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  •  Transgressive behavior
  • Go global week
  • Open Education Meetings

General updates

Multi-factor authentication

Are you a first-year student or does your r-number end with a 0? Then you might already have noticed that as of now, you have to log in to your Toledo using the KU Leuven authenticator app. For security reasons, this will soon be mandatory for every KUL student. You can read all about it via this link. We especially want to remind you to keep your reset code in a safe place (on paper)! You can then use this when you lose your phone or it is broken to still be able to log in on Toledo. Otherwise you will have to contact the IT department, but of course this will never be as fast as with the code. We all know that even just 1 day without Toledo during the exam period is not ideal! You can request a reset code via account.kuleuven.be.

Transgressive behavior

You have no doubt recently heard and seen a lot about this topic in the media, through your mailbox or with friends. It is also a hot topic within the student body and one that we are working on. The Student Council of KU Leuven is involved in several university working groups on transgressive behavior in order to improve its functioning. In the General Assembly, together with all student representatives, we also discuss this topic. If you have any questions or concerns about this, feel free to contact us. If you yourself have (had) to deal with transgressive behavior, you can turn to the help desk. They will talk to you and guide you through the process if you would want to take further steps.

Go global week

This week is Go Global week at our faculty! This is a week highlighting all the international experiences you can have while studying at our faculty. Via this link you can find out what the faculty will be organizing for this. In addition, the foso-instagram and the politika-instagram will be taken over every day by someone who is currently on Erasmus. Through stories, they will share their experiences and you can ask questions. Thursday from 16-18h there will also be an Erasmus café in the secri of Politika (under the AV building), where you can talk to people who have been on Erasmus.

Open Education Meetings
On Wednesday, November 16th at 7 p.m. it’s our second OOV of the year in the Ruth Benedict-zaal! This one will be about mental health. We will talk together in an approachable way about learning outcomes, facilities, your needs and the options that already exist. If you want to talk about other issues, there is room for this as well. As always, there will be some snacks and drinks available, hopefully we will see you there!
At the beginning of the month it was our first OOV of the year. For those of you who attended, we hope you enjoyed it! We got a lot out of it. For the others, if you want to read the report you can always request it at info@foso.be. Hopefully we will see you at the next OOV!