November 2022


Another full month has passed which means it’s time for a new education update! The end of the first semester is almost here, December has begun and many are starting to get back into their books. But first, don’t forget to enjoy these cozy winter days, we from FOSO wish you very happy holidays!

In this update, you’ll find information about the following:

  • Facilities
  • First Bachelor
  • Solidarity Week
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Anthropology

General updates


The university are in the process of reforming the facilities system, and the Student Council has their say in this as well. If you would like to give us your opinions about this or would like to participate in this reform, you are very welcome to contact us at info@foso.be!

First bachelor

Because of the reform of the bachelors of communication science and political science and sociology, the faculty is closely following up the first years. The lab weeks have just begun, and we are trying to gather some opinions about them. The courses which reduced in number of credits (sociologie, communicatiewetenschap, politicologie) should also be followed up closely. Are you a first-year student, or are you still taking first-year courses that have been changed? Then be sure to follow us on social media because chances are we’ll have some questions for you soon!

Solidarity Week

During the week of December 12-16, we are organizing a mini Christmas market together with the faculty and with Politika for ‘de Warmste Week’! This is a famous Belgian initiative where a lot of people collect money for charity. Our christmas market will take place in the sw building and we will be selling all sorts of things. Be sure to stop by, take a Christmas selfie, listen to cozy Christmas music, chat with faculty personnel and students, drink a hot chocolate, eat tasty candies or cake, buy a book or a plant and support charity. See you then!



Thesis defense, program changes, new bachelor courses

The sociology master’s thesis defenses will all take place on June 26 and 27. Be sure to keep your calendars clear! The POC has also adopted some program changes. Once implemented, you can always find these on the social sciences student portal. Some new courses are also being worked on as part of the bachelor reform.

Political Sciences

Thesis defense, new course MIP

From now onn there will always be two people present instead of three at the master thesis defenses, namely the promotor and the reporter. The chairman everywhere will be Arnim Langer, the program director, but he will only intervene if there are problems or someone else is absent. In addition, the POC is also creating a new mandatory course on international politics and diplomacy for the MIP.


Request forms, program changes

There have been many complaints this year around having electives accepted into your ISP that are not in the basic program. The request forms were approved late, so students were not always sure if they should follow the course yet. Therefore, starting next year, there is a new rule: if you want to follow a course, you must email the prof yourself for permission. If the prof has given you this permission, your petition should normally be approved without any problems. In addition, the POC has also adopted some program changes. These, once implemented, can always be found on the social sciences student portal.